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¤         The Club holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of every month.

¤         General meetings provide a platform  for

-         open debates on the current and planned activities of the Club and allocation of individual tasks

-         debates and brainstorming on various business topics

-         voting on various important issues

-         socialising

¤         Each meeting’s discussions are conducted following an agenda which is circulated at least two days prior to the meeting. The discussions are coordinated by a meeting sponsor (usually a different person for each meeting); the meeting sponsor is responsible for coordinating and compiling the agenda. A minute is produced for every meeting by the meeting witness; the meeting witness will be the sponsor at the following meeting

¤         Voting procedure: open vote and simple majority

New Members

¤         RBCuk is happy to welcome as a member, any person that adheres to its principles and operating rules and can contribute effectively  to fulfilling its objectives

¤         New members are admitted under the following procedures:

-         any proposal should come from an ordinary member and be seconded by another ordinary member; the two ordinary members endorsing a candidate should be in a position to guarantee for his/ her credentials

-         proposals can only be made at the Club’s meetings

-         a brief career/ education summary background of the candidate has to be circulated to all existing ordinary members

-         the decision to accept a new member can be taken on a “no objection” basis


¤         To date, the Club has no formal management

¤         Interim coordination of the Club’s activities has been provided on an informal basis by the founding members

¤         It is envisaged that, in the medium term, the Club will hold elections for various positions within an Executive Committee in accordance to the Club’s deeds of incorporation

¤         Generally, for every event in which RBCuk is involved, a small task force will be selected on a voluntary basis to co-ordinate the Club’s event-related actions

General Rules

¤         The decision to involve RBCuk in any activity or associate its name with any event can only be taken after a formal vote of ordinary members

¤         Internal documents of the Club are not to be distributed without the prior consent of the members or the Executive Committee