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¤         Create and consolidate a Romanian business community in London

¤         Promote personal and business contacts between business persons and other professionals of Romanian origin in UK and other groups interested personally and/or professionally in Romania, such as UK business groups and members of the European political and cultural environment in the UK

¤         Promote Romania to the business environment within UK by: 

-         Developing an objective and coherent message on the economic, political and other developments in Romania

-         Conveying this message at personal level or via mass-media

-         Coordination, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee, with similar initiatives of other Romanian groups

¤         Organise and participate in charitable activities in support of Romania and Romanian nationals in the United Kingdom

¤         Assist members to learn of business, political and social events in the United Kingdom related to Romania

¤         Organize social events for members and their guests

¤         Publish newsletters and periodicals in print or electronic media and organize conferences

¤         Extend the above activities to other related areas that may be of interest to members and do all things incidental to the above objects or helpful in furthering them.