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Rules for accessing the club's online social network:

1. Who can access the social networking site?
The social networking site can be accessed by RBCUK members (ordinary, honorary and associates).

2. You are responsible
You are responsible for what you post, and what you read. All posts made are the opinions and views of the author and not necessarily those of RBCUK. The club is not responsible for the veracity or validity of any information posted here, nor do we vouch for the authenticity or the identity of any of the posters. The club and its representatives will not be held liable for any information or message posted to any discussion forum and disclaims all liability resulting from any action or inaction taken as a result of reading or posting a message in any discussion forum. The RBCUK reserves the right to limit or disable access to the site and/or fora, ban users, and edit or delete topics and posts at the discretion of the volunteer site administrators and moderators.

3. No advertising
Advertisements for products or services are prohibited. Exceptions: links are acceptable when recommendations are on-topic.

4. Stay on-topic
Post in the appropriate forum and remain on-topic. Start a new topic if you wish to introduce a new subject. Follow-ups should usually be posted to the original topic. Ignore posting errors and duplicate posts.

5. Be civil
Be civil in all of your posts and refrain from using inflammatory language or expletives. Volunteer site administrator and/or moderators will determine what is inflammatory using their own judgment, without direction from or appeal to the RBCUK.

6. Fraud is a crime
Impersonation of others is a criminal fraudulent act. Individuals who choose to do this will be banned and their Internet service provider may be contacted.

7. Posts that will be edited, deleted, or get you banned

  • Posts containing offensive racial, gender, sexual preference, religious, political, or nationality-bashing language.
  • Any post containing language that is offensive in a public, family context.
  • Links to inappropriate content.
  • Personal attacks on other posters or club members. Comment on ideas, not people.
  • Any post that violates the letter or spirit of any item described in this list, in these guidelines, or in any announcement or pinned topic posted by a board administrator or moderator.
  • 8. By using the RBCUK social network site you agree to be bound by these rules.

    If you want to access the social network site under these conditions, click --->>>here<<<---.